HUNGER PANGS – Food lovers, dieters are too familiar with it. Hunger pangs are the contractions of the empty stomach to expresses it is greatly upset on being left unfed.

We often think it is our stomach to blame for these feelings, or perhaps our weak will but actually there are many causes of hunger pangs that have nothing to do with our nagging stomach.

We generally experience hunger pangs when blood sugar levels drops. A lowered body temperature can also trigger hunger pangs, which may also help to explain seasonal weight gain.

It is one of the most recurring and discomforting feelings people experience. It is both physiological and psychological triggers, such as the sight or thought of a favorite food.

How do we beat the Hunger pangs?

Eating small frequent meals, every two hours will maintain the sugar level from dropping and triggering the Hunger pangs.
Eating slowly and chewing well is helpful. The process of chewing and swallowing sends the first signals of satiety to the brain. Since the same amount of food takes longer to consume, the stomach feels full faster.

A high-fibre meal helps to eat less as the fibre helps to normalise the insulin level by delaying the absorption of carbohydrates to a great extent.

Black coffee or tea also stimulates the release of the hormone, which sends satiety signals to the brain.

The amino acid tryptophan found in peanuts, bananas, beef, mutton, almonds, egg yolk, milk and cheese is responsible for suppressing appetite. It stimulates the production of serotonin, which in turn causes the brain to release “stop eating” messages.
Sticking to a regular eating pattern is essential. Skipping meals or not eating on time leads to overeating in the next meal.

Do not stock indulgent foods that will tempt you- Remember Hunger pangs can be triggered by sight and smell of food too!

If stress makes you overeat or food provides you solace, try going for a brisk walk, talking to a supportive friend or going for a massage will help you de stress.

If the Hunger pangs has set in despite all effort to beat it - Drink a big glass of cool water and wait a few minutes for the hunger pangs to subside.


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